"There is a new and powerful musical voice on Toronto’s polymath artistic landscape"
"Toronto’s hottest chamber performance series going these days"


Stephen Bonfield, Ludwig Van Toronto

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Echo Chamber is a performance series that intertwines live chamber music and dance in new choreographed works.

My objective as Artistic Director is to create performances that offer a new lens through which both music and dance can be experienced. By merging these two art forms in an intimate setting, Echo Chamber performances deliver the unique opportunity to see and hear music and dance together as one integrated expression.

Echo Chamber performances have featured choreography by some of Canada's leading dance makers, including Alysa Pires, Hanna Kiel, Christopher Stowell, Liana Bellissimo, Tara Pillon, Robert Stephen, and Brendan Saye. 

Echo Chamber has appeared at music and dance festivals around Ontario, including Fall for Dance North, Toronto Summer Music Festival and Ottawa Chamberfest.

Aaron Schwebel 
Founder, Artistic Director 

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Video by Dylan Tedaldi. Music by Jean Marie Leclair, performed by violinists Aaron Schwebel and TJ skinner 

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