Echo Chamber Toronto is a performance series that brings musicians and dancers together on stage for stunning collaborations. ECT merges the intimate dynamic of chamber music with the physical beauty of contemporary dance.

Echo Chamber Toronto projects feature new choreographed works that integrate musicians and dancers, delivering the unique opportunity to connect with music not just through listening, but also through movement, interaction, and space. 


These works are choreographed by some of Canada's leading choreographers, and performed by Toronto's finest musicians and dancers, featuring artists from the National Ballet of Canada, Canadian Opera Company, and Toronto Symphony Orchestra. 

Echo Chamber Toronto performances include engagements as part of Fall for Dance Union Station programming as well as Toronto Summer Music Festival. 

Echo Chamber Toronto derives its name from chamber music, the tradition of performing music written for a small number of musicians, such as a string quartet, in an intimate setting, historically in private homes. 



WATCH: About 'Echo Chamber Toronto'

Videography: Dylan Tedaldi

Choreography: Robert Stephen

Performers: Jenna Savella, Robert Stephen (dance), and Aaron Schwebel (violin)

Music: Jean Marie Leclair Sonata No. 5, Aaron Schwebel and Elizabeth Skinner, violins

Photo by Bo Huang

Aaron Schwebel 

Founder and Artistic Director